Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Congratulations! I liked you the best!"-MAT Performance/Space Project

Oh hi there. So anyway, this is another Nu-Worx assignment where we evaluate ourselves on a project about space. Now friends, space can be anything its not just that thing that hangs above our head..... anywho we did a project on it. I think we are supposed to evaluate ourselves and choose another performance that we like...hmmmm........ The true assignment has escaped me, so i shall discuss both.:D Well being the fabulous actress and writer that i am(loljk:D) I decided i would write a monologue. I thing my performance was pretty strong other than the fact that it wasn't memorized and i wasnt as animated as I would have liked to be. i ended up being chosen to perform in the MAT for all the Nu-worx classes! Who nu?:) All of the space projects in my class were AWESOME but only a few stood out. The one I really enjoyed was my friend Sam's. He wrote a song and made a music video about space! I was so entertained. Who needs Glee, pr Project Runway when you have a friend like Sam who can put a new kind of program, in front of you. Well, actually, I do need glee.....fine i admit it. I AM A GLEEK OKAY?????:} Its like a drug to me. Anyway.... I really like his! Some notes I have for 75% of the class........... Your projects were really good! SO PLEASE TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY! I hurt my heart to see someone do a meaningful poem or dance and then see them giggle and laugh during the whole thing! We are at an ARTS school, so please.... take your art seriously! I still love every1 in Nu-wrx though:D Including Miss E!!!!!! I will let yall know about my performance tomorrow!!!!!! 
Peace out Pegasi!

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