Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Film video 2!

In my opinion, this video was even more interesting than the first! By the time the time came to watch the second video I was a bit more optimistic about the whole watching the history thing! I had been actually thoroughly enjoying it. My favorite part of the second video was definitely the videos they showed. I like how they compared and contrasted the styles of film. My favorite example was the one on view point where the showed the woman being rescued from the burning home from several different perspectives. It was also fun to watch the one with the intruder because it was some what over dramatic and amusing! I can't wait to keep watching!

Film video one!

I'm gonna be honest, when I was first told we would be watching videos on the history of film I wasn't  expecting much. Film has always interested me and I have always been fascinated  with film but when it comes to history I kind of looked at it as a drag. But once we started watching it and I heard the guy talking with the cool accent I was immediately drawn in. I thought the snipits of films from the early 1900's were really cool. I became a little disinterested when they started talking about locations and what not but one the started with perspective I was immediately re-interested! I thought the video of the train was really cool! I found all of that really interested. It was interesting to compare old film to film now and being able to the the evolution and its way of becoming the way it is. The old films were really cool. I also liked some of the background the film provided us with. It was a very interesting film about a film!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


I thought the origami video was incredibly interesting. I really enjoy how it was divided up amongst the people and broken up into "The Artist" "The Engineer" "The Father" "The Postmodernist" and "The Choreographer." As said in the movie- "Origami brings beauty to the mundane" and that it certainly does. I thought it was cool that there were different techniques to folding paper like folding it when wet to create softer shapes. Some of the artists in the video truly created stunning work, my favorite being Robert Lang, and I am excited to learn and work more with it!

Monday, April 9, 2012

The infamous green tea...

It was from this brand of green tea that we got our band name. Haley also used the cardboard box as a symbol to he can-drumset. Next time you drink some green tea, be sure to check the ingredients for "Artificial Colours and Flavours." :D

Musical Instruments

Our last new works project was to create our own instrument out of household objects. I thought that this project was very creative and fun to do. I made a guitar out of a tissue and some rubber bands, so that it would make noise and generate three different pitches. i really enjoyed making my instrument even though it was very simple. I must say that my very favorite part of the project was getting together on a band and actually performing for the class. I was in a band with Carson, Haley, and Alfredo and we titled our band "Artificial Colours and Flavours"(yes the british spelling:) ). We named it after some ingredients listing we found on a box of green tea that haley used with her instrument. I don't think I would have enjoyed this project so much if I hadn't been in a band with such awesome people. They were easy to work with and I thought it was really fun to put together a little song and perform it. I hope we have more projects like this in the future.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

MOVIE PROJECT! and random pictures;D

Hey Hey Hey.... O.o...... anyway this is another new worx post for school. We recently did a movie projects in groups based on a fable. My fable was- "THERE ARE MANY STATUES OF MEN SLAYING LIONS, BUT IF THE LIONS WERE THE SCULPTURES.... PERHAPS WE WOULD HAVE A VERY DIFFERENT SET OF SCULPTURES." Overall I thought the assignment was really creative and fun. I love movie projects!!!!! So my critique for the overall assignment is very positive :D. I think my grouos movie ended up being very good. We did it on perspective much like the fable. It was about a pumpkin trying to carve a girl. >:DDDDDD LOL. I really liked my group and i think my movie could have had some improved editing... but it was still really really fun! 8D
So anyway.... I love everyone
stay blassy!

My favorite musical and my headshot!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Congratulations! I liked you the best!"-MAT Performance/Space Project

Oh hi there. So anyway, this is another Nu-Worx assignment where we evaluate ourselves on a project about space. Now friends, space can be anything its not just that thing that hangs above our head..... anywho we did a project on it. I think we are supposed to evaluate ourselves and choose another performance that we like...hmmmm........ The true assignment has escaped me, so i shall discuss both.:D Well being the fabulous actress and writer that i am(loljk:D) I decided i would write a monologue. I thing my performance was pretty strong other than the fact that it wasn't memorized and i wasnt as animated as I would have liked to be. i ended up being chosen to perform in the MAT for all the Nu-worx classes! Who nu?:) All of the space projects in my class were AWESOME but only a few stood out. The one I really enjoyed was my friend Sam's. He wrote a song and made a music video about space! I was so entertained. Who needs Glee, pr Project Runway when you have a friend like Sam who can put a new kind of program, in front of you. Well, actually, I do need glee.....fine i admit it. I AM A GLEEK OKAY?????:} Its like a drug to me. Anyway.... I really like his! Some notes I have for 75% of the class........... Your projects were really good! SO PLEASE TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY! I hurt my heart to see someone do a meaningful poem or dance and then see them giggle and laugh during the whole thing! We are at an ARTS school, so please.... take your art seriously! I still love every1 in Nu-wrx though:D Including Miss E!!!!!! I will let yall know about my performance tomorrow!!!!!! 
Peace out Pegasi!