Monday, April 9, 2012

The infamous green tea...

It was from this brand of green tea that we got our band name. Haley also used the cardboard box as a symbol to he can-drumset. Next time you drink some green tea, be sure to check the ingredients for "Artificial Colours and Flavours." :D

Musical Instruments

Our last new works project was to create our own instrument out of household objects. I thought that this project was very creative and fun to do. I made a guitar out of a tissue and some rubber bands, so that it would make noise and generate three different pitches. i really enjoyed making my instrument even though it was very simple. I must say that my very favorite part of the project was getting together on a band and actually performing for the class. I was in a band with Carson, Haley, and Alfredo and we titled our band "Artificial Colours and Flavours"(yes the british spelling:) ). We named it after some ingredients listing we found on a box of green tea that haley used with her instrument. I don't think I would have enjoyed this project so much if I hadn't been in a band with such awesome people. They were easy to work with and I thought it was really fun to put together a little song and perform it. I hope we have more projects like this in the future.