Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Oh hey! Didn't see ya there! So anyway, recently my experience in the Nu-Works class at booker t. has been pretty LEGIT, in fact.... it is what birthed the blog! :D We are learning about space..... I know what you think, stars and planets, moons and suns..... but space can mean so many different things and we got to go through 4 rotations with 4 different teachers and it was very interesting to see how space could be explored. First, we had the lovely Miss. Edmundson. We got to talk across the stage in comedy or tragedy.... and i thought it was awesome! Seeing the creativity of other students shine and being able to go up myself(considering i am in theater :D)! Second was ms. Jalilvand's class, where we explored cyberspace! We made blogs! I thought it was totally cool and loved being able to design and writ in ThatTheaterKid! So coolio x)Next was Miss. TheMostBeastOperaVoiceEver, loljk(well it was pretty fantastic!:D)... it was Ms. Mcwilliams. We got to go through the space in our head with a cool meditation! I LOVE MEDITATION THINGYS! I only wish it could have been longer, because it only lasted 10 minutes.  Finally we had  covering space with movement. I don;t think i have ever laughed so hard and been so out of breath in my life! And i would know! I ran cross country for 4 years! I thought it was so fun and really was a clever way to teach space.
So far, My experience at Booker T. has been unbelievable, and it is the most awesome school ever!:D
Peace out Pegasi!
with<3!!! ThatTheaterKid

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