Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Film video one!

I'm gonna be honest, when I was first told we would be watching videos on the history of film I wasn't  expecting much. Film has always interested me and I have always been fascinated  with film but when it comes to history I kind of looked at it as a drag. But once we started watching it and I heard the guy talking with the cool accent I was immediately drawn in. I thought the snipits of films from the early 1900's were really cool. I became a little disinterested when they started talking about locations and what not but one the started with perspective I was immediately re-interested! I thought the video of the train was really cool! I found all of that really interested. It was interesting to compare old film to film now and being able to the the evolution and its way of becoming the way it is. The old films were really cool. I also liked some of the background the film provided us with. It was a very interesting film about a film!

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